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Hepatitis C: New Drug Treatment "is a breakthrough," BBC, April 2014

New Drugs Provide Cure for Hepatitis C, Research Finds, LA Times, April 2014

Drugmaker Studies Find a Bargain in $84,000 Medicine, Bloomberg, April 2014

Texas to Limit Access to New Hepatitis C Drug to Sicker Patients,
Headlines and Global News, April 2014

Should Prisoners Get Expensive Hepatitis C Drugs?,
USA Today, March 2014

Lawmakers Attack Cost of New Hep C Drug
, New York Times, March 2014

Gilead Offers Egypt New Hepatitis C Drug at 99% Discount, Reuters, March 2014

How Much Should Hepatitis C Treatment Cost?
, The New York Times, March 2014

Little-Known Health Act Fact: Prison Inmates Are Signing Up. The New York Times, March 2014

One in 100 Americans has Chronic Hepatitis C Infection. Reuters, March 2014

More Than Half of Worldwide Drug-related Deaths in 2010 Were Caused by Opioids, The Raw Story, Agence France-Presse, August 2013

2013 HCV Drug Pipeline Report, Treatment Action Group, June 2013

Prisons Turn to Telemedicine for Treating Inmates, GCN, May 2013

As Hepatitis C Spreads, Scotland Steps In, Wall Street Journal, May 2013

Invisible Disease, A&U: America's AIDS Magazine, April 2013

Prisoners, hard hit by hepatitis C, decry lack of access, Natural Medicine, October 2012

Hepatitis C screening in jails could help combat epidemic, Emory News Center, April 10, 2012

Illinois Must Pay Damages for Prison Hepatitis Policy, Courthouse News Service, Jan. 31, 2011

Being Behind Bars 'bad for your health', Sydney Morning Herald, June 2, 2010

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HCV News & Reports

Rep. Hank Johnson Suffers from Hepatitis C, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Dec. 7, 2009

Bipartisan Support Grows for Addressing Nation’s Hepatitis Scourge, Roll Cal, Nov. 6, 2009

Lawsuit spurs top-rank care to fight disease, Statesman Journal, Nov. 2007
 oregon_lawsuit_nov2007 37.65 Kb

Quelling Hepatitis, Honolulu Star Bulletin, April 2007

Hepatitis C Legislative Brief, April 2007
Hepatitis_C_Legislative_Brief_Mar_2007 170.27 Kb

Hepatitis C Coverage in the Ryan White CARE Act,
by Liz Highleyman
ryanwhite-mar07-draft1 89.54 Kb

language_rwca_bill_2006 41.90 Kb

Hepatitis C Care in prisons: Evolving Towards Decency through Adequate Medical Care and Public Health Reform
by Andrew Brunsden, UCLA Law Review, Vol. 54

A Comprehensive Immunization Strategy to Eliminate Transmission
of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in the United States, MMWR, Dec. 8, 2006

Bureau of Justice Statistics Press Release on HIV in Prisons, 2004

Bureau of Justice Statistics Report on HIV in Prisons, 2004

Perez v. Tilton, N.D. Cal. No. C-05-5241 - Filed 04/28/2006
classaction_dental2006 32.04 Kb

Federal Bureau of Prisons Hepatitis C Clinical Practice Guidelines 2005

State of Oregon Hepatitis C Strategic Plan, Recommendations of the Statewide Viral Hepatitis Planning Group, Prepared by Ann Shindo, Ph.D., and Ann Thomas, M.D.
OR_strategic_plan 879.73 Kb

Oregon HCV Class Action Settlement
OR_settlement 1.95 Mb

Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report, Hepatitis Testing and Treatment in State Prisons, April 2004
hep_stateprisons_04 169.56 Kb

Opportunities to Address the Hepatitis C Epidemic in the Correctional Setting
by Amy E. Boutwell, Scott A. Allen, and Josiah D. Rich
opportunities_0405 111.59 Kb

Barriers to Health Care in Prison, ATAC, April 2005
barriers-2 77.18 Kb

Report: Access to Health Care for the Incarcerated Strategy Meeting,
New York City – April 2nd & 3rd, 2005 by Charles White, Project Coordinator,
HCV Prison Support Project
access_white_2005 34.86 Kb

Hot Topics In Hepatitis C, HEPP Report, June 2004

HCV-To Treat or Not to Treat? That is the Question…, HEPP Report,
June 2004,

Bureau of Justice Statistics - HIV in Prisons 2001

Prison HMOs and Inmate Health Care, by Liz Highleyman
prison_HMO_highleyman 32.47 Kb

HepC Class Action Suit Filed in US NJ District Court - seeking plaintiffs
by Elaine Selan, co-founder/prisoner-community liaison, AJFA
classaction_NJ_selan 25.84 Kb

America's Prisons Turn a Blind Eye to HCV Epidemic by Mark Wilson
blindeye1 140.27 Kb

"Sick on the Inside" by Wil S. Hylton

Accountable to No One, The Virginia Department of Corrections and Prisoner Medical Care, Published by the ACLU of Virginia
aclu_virginia_lafay 233.78 Kb

Hepatitis C Epidemic Control and Prevention Act, Hepatitis C Legislative Brief, June 2003
hepcbrief_june 145.26 Kb

Hepatitis Programs for Adult Prisons and Jails, Immunization Action Coalition

Hepatitis Programs for Juvenile Prisons and Jails, Immunization Action Coalition

Developing a Systematic Approach to Hepatitis C for Correctional Systems:
Controversies and Emerging Consensus, April 2003

Correctional Systems Weigh New Consensus Statement: Debate HCV Treatment Approaches and Options

Behind Enemy Lines, A Report on the Management of Hepatitis C in
Prisons Conference, January 25-26, 2003, San Antonio, Texas
behind_enemy_lines_white 28.78 Kb

New Jersey prisons fail to treat an epidemic, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/21/02

Oregon: Notice of Class Action, 1/10/03
Oregon-NoticeofClassAction 44.75 Kb

Oregon Hep C Litigation: Opinion and Order by Judge Anna J. Brown,
classorder1 49.54 Kb

Oregon Hep C Litigation: Class Action Allegation Complaint, 3/22/02
classcom_one 436.30 Kb

Recommendations for those on the Frontline Against Hepatitis C
recommendation_frontline 47.87 Kb

Cost and Response Rates of HCV Therapies
cost_response 21.67 Kb

Hepatitis C and Incarcerated Populations: The Next Wave for Correctional Health Initiatives

Control and Management of Infectious Diseases in the Correctional Setting

The Silent Killer Doing Time
silent_killer_guillemette 31.45 Kb

Hepatitis C: A Silent Epidemic Strikes U.S. Prisons

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