HCV Treatment Guidelines - IOWA

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Our policies are in flux at this point but will be glad to send you what we have. Meeting with Director of Hep at University of Iowa within next week so will have better understanding of just how we will finalize our procedures.

At this point we do not test everyone entering our system. We diagnose based on other factors; i.e. positive PPD with baseline LFT's, overt symptoms, etc. We treat based on blood levels, liver biopsy, etc. Cost of Interferon (peg) and Ribo. is approx. $1500/mo. We currently have 621 inmates diagnosed with Hep C (remember this is without testing on admission). Not all are on Peg at this point as they do not meet the criteria. CDC guidelines will bust our state budget apart. Would cost us approx. $2mil/mo. just for meds. Does not include testing, biopsy etc. Will be glad to send our policies if you would like them. Let me know. Thanks

Marilyn Sales, RN DOC Administrator of Nursing
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